Musical moments

Another School of Rock weekend whiled away at the North Door club in East Austin watching my son play bass this time. It was awesome. Here are a few frozen moments of music, my son's serious concentration and the interplay of audience and band as the guitars serenaded and the singers held the stage.  

Wood Walking

Its supposed to be restorative wood walking. Natures antidepressant.  So I took my son into the healing calm of green leaf and brown bark, out of the bustle of the city and the stress of school. It was for a while, till the world reasserted itself - sending warning noises through the branches: dog barking,... Continue Reading →

Zoom Burst

Take a one second shutter speed and a zoom lens and some patience and your everyday pets are elevated to mystical 'trippy' beings shining out into the universe. Behold my dog     And my fish (in their trans-dimensional aquarium)


What do you dream of? My son became a Canyon Vista Honours student yesterday for his kindness and responsibility. He got a haircut today. He dreams of being a musician in a rock band. My current dream is to be a photographer. My class at ASOO brought me one step closer to that today. New... Continue Reading →

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