Flowering a death

I missed Jill's funeral yesterday. Not that I had had much enthusiasm for a third flight back across the Atlantic for a funeral in less than 6 months. But I did want to be there to share the grief. To say goodbye. But in the end, as many expats find, the cost, distance and organization... Continue Reading →

Light and Dark

I struggled with this. My task this week: look for high contrast settings to over or under expose. To create joyful high key photographs flooded with light and dark photographs of mystery and tension. What I got was something slightly different. But it has been hard to over expose in the muddy greys that have... Continue Reading →

A failure of focus

I learnt a lot this week. Not from my great success at my depth of field homework. Which actually left me with 9 photos - shot at three different apertures for three different focus objects - that were virtually indistinguishable..... Despite this I do know I can actually shoot one object out of a line... Continue Reading →

Musical moments

Another School of Rock weekend whiled away at the North Door club in East Austin watching my son play bass this time. It was awesome. Here are a few frozen moments of music, my son's serious concentration and the interplay of audience and band as the guitars serenaded and the singers held the stage.  

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