Light and Dark

I struggled with this. My task this week: look for high contrast settings to over or under expose. To create joyful high key photographs flooded with light and dark photographs of mystery and tension. What I got was something slightly different.

But it has been hard to over expose in the muddy greys that have made up the last days in Texas. None of Texas’s normal spotlight slicing sunshine splashing the world with sharp shadows. I miss that sunshine.  In my closet I look longingly at my row of summer dresses then put on yet another sweater.

When the sun does shine I rush outside with my camera snapping away as my dog bounds round the garden. But my dogs fur is too pale and only his dark nose and eyes stand out alongside the black railings.

light low and high-1-25

I am told by my teacher to shoot into the sun and find that over exposing into the evening light makes the houses disappear leaving only slight brush strokes of tree branches and a car on the drive.

light low and high-1-35

You would think darkness would be easier. However everything vanishes under exposed  in the gloom except my dog against the shadows on the deck.

I end up cheating – moving from ambient light to a shuttered room with a black sheet and a desk lamp.

After all that effort the feedback I got was that I was most successful sitting on the couch and photographing the windows!

light low and high-1-3light low and high-1-30

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