Electric Guitar Girl

Its dark at the North Door music club, the sound of the drums, guitars, keyboards, singers reverberates confidently around the balconied venue, I am drinking beer even though its Sunday afternoon trying to get into the watching a band vibe.

In my other hand I clutch a type written list of songs and names. I scan it surreptitiously while the young blond boy shouts out lyrics against what are right now almost deafening drums and screeching guitars. On the paper I am looking for my daughters name. Around me other parents and siblings form an enthusiastic audience and clap loudly as the song ends. I smile as I find her name – after one more song she will take the stage.

The next song is melodic, beautifully played and maturely sung. I almost forget these are all school kids playing aged from 8 to 17. Some are so talented and all are so committed playing. I am impressed every time I see a School of Rock concert by the way they have been taught to work together and to love the music that they play.

The room erupts in applause again and now its my daughter taking the stage, plugging her cable into the amp, looking round at the other kids on stage, getting her hand into position over the strings, shining in the spotlight. At the drums a kid taps their sticks together 4 times, then she begins to play and I watch with delight my Electric Guitar Girl with the music flowing out of her fingers.

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