Why was our move a nightmare?

So firstly, don’t move with the flu. Obviously its not anything you would chose to do. But really, take it from me, trying to direct movers with a temperature, sore throat, cough and runny/ bleeding nose is not easy. That also goes for carrying or packing things with a tissue in one hand trying not to cough on everything or everyone. The day after we moved I took to bed and slept for five hours straight. Only emerging like a hibernating bear in the afternoon to explore my new surroundings.


Secondly, don’t think three men and a small truck can manage moving a five bed house, because they can’t. For some bizarre reason our particular movers first wanted to wrap everything in clingfilm, then tie it down like an escapologist within their van. This meant it took them forever to load. Then there were their bizarre rules as to things they wouldn’t transport: lights with paper shades, televisions, computers and lastly a bongo drum! In the end our three men and a truck turned up an hour late at 9am and were still with us over 12 hours later!


Thirdly, don’t order a fridge that’s being discontinued from Sears. Because, even though you order it three weeks in advance, even though they take you through endless security checks to check that – yes you have one address but want it delivered to another – your new house. Even though they will ring you to discuss the layout of your house and the slope of the drive so they can get the fridge in. Even though they will email, telephone and text message to confirm delivery the night before. On the actual morning of your move, when you are in the new house waiting with anticipation for the fridge to arrive between 9.30 and 11 am as promised, they will ring you at 8 am to tell you sorry the fridge never arrived on the 3am lorry to be sent out and actually, now they have checked, they can’t actually order one because the manufacturer doesn’t have any! This left me speechless. Then I asked – what we were supposed to do in a new house with no fridge? Their response. Sorry. But, they said, as if they were doing us a favour, we can cancel the order and refund your money. So that’s what we did.

3698F6B1-BD5F-4687-B277-44AFD59EB03C.jpegFourthly, don’t look at the old dresser your mum bought, think that it looks good in the dining room on the wall next to the kicthen and that mum would approve, but then get lost in thoughts of all the times you spent with her at that dresser. Thoughts of Christmas decorations and gingerbread house you had on it last year that she admired. Don’t stand transfixed with bleak awareness that she will never again get out plates from it’s cupboard and worse that she will never ever see this house in the flesh, that this is the first home she won’t visit. Stand still so long choking back tears that you block the movers, who must think you crazy, as they try and deposit dining chairs around you.

So that was the horrors of our move day.

Still now the nightmare is fading with every day that passes. Now we get to appreciate the joy of a move. or the joy of this one anyway, our beautiful new home.

Now I sit with my feet up in front of a roaring fire.


In my glass ice cubes chink.

F23E3BCB-D711-4C30-81B5-A8936A1A5BF9Ice cubes produced by our new amazing Samsung Smart Hub Fridge. Having been told we weren’t getting the fridge I trekked the Internet to try and find one we could get quickly.  But even in stores with next day delivery on a Saturday next day was actually was Tuesday. Eventually, I saw that the DIY store Lowes, just15 minutes, away had some fridges you could pick up straight away. However, when my husband went there, they told him 4 door fridges (like the one we wanted) were only special order. It would take over a week to get one delivered. My husband rang me with the bad news. Then, just as we were discussing if we should settle and get any fridge,  they interrupted to tell him that they had just found a special order that had been returned unopened. We could have it at a big discount. It wasn’t the one we ordered. It was the upgrade. It was the all singing and dancing upgrade, that had replaced it. So in the end the good fairy came through.

Now, it’s evening, three days post move. The nightmares seem ages ago. I’m sitting enjoying the view from sitting room. Out the back of the house faint silhouettes of the trees in the wood at the end of the garden standout black against the dark slate sky. Earlier, down there, a family of deer strolled by just beyond our fence. If I stand up I can see through the front windows to where the bright inflatable halloween ghosts and pumpkins from the house opposite bob and shine.


It’s Halloween. Halloween is massive here. Kids even are asked to dress up at school. So, remembering the effort people put into decorating for it, I made it a priority to keep our halloween decorations separate. I wanted decorate our new house. As soon as I felt better I was outside putting out lights and spooky decorations. Now, an orange flame light throws flickering flames across our house illuminating the skeleton hanging from the tree, the spiders, the flying bat and the cobwebs stretched everywhere. On the door step a giant mental pumpkin flashes. Any moment a super hero 7 year old may ring our doorbell hoping for one of the candies we have waiting in black plastic cauldrons. We have had many costumed, halloween container holding, excited doorbell ringers.

To our surprise, one set of doorbell ringers turned out to be our adult neighbours. They had come to invite us over for their halloween party, which we happily accepted. Having changed from scruffy unpacking clothes, I found myself with my husband and son being ushered into an expansive back open plan living dining room kitchen with disco lights flashing and a full size bar! Unusually (at least in my experience) the twenty or so other people already gathered there had split into separate gender groups. The HUGE kitchen island had the woman around all the snacks and nibbles and the HUGE dining room table had the men next to the bar. So many introductions to other neighbours from all down the street. Can’t remember all the names. It was fun but we ducked out of the walk to the ‘halloween house’ in the rain.

Preferring to put our feet up in front of the fire . So now we sit here in still slightly stunned disbelief that this amazing house, on such a friendly street, is actually ours. Well worth enduring moving nightmares to get here!

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