Will we stay?

  It's grey in Austin today and currently 55F with showers and a cool breeze. It's March and the clocks went forward yesterday but we are still stuck in a what has been long Texas winter. I look longingly at the leaf covered pool reflecting the milk white sky. We haven't swum since the beginning... Continue Reading →

I luv vintage

Mother daughter shopping time in University district Austin. Fun times with teenage daughter! She browsing clothes, me taking photographs in this cool distinctive 'keep Austin weird' shop I luv vintage. Want to buy a magazine with Madonna or Brittany Spears on the cover, a bow tie, a haywain shirt, 1930's evening gown, neon coloured swim... Continue Reading →

Flowering a death

I missed Jill's funeral yesterday. Not that I had had much enthusiasm for a third flight back across the Atlantic for a funeral in less than 6 months. But I did want to be there to share the grief. To say goodbye. But in the end, as many expats find, the cost, distance and organization... Continue Reading →

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